Monsters! Eek!

Session One - a book burning

Session one

Character generation went well lots of interaction, story building etc etc.

In the end – we made the following

Hiram- the divine.
Look: Androgenous , Starry Eyed , Perfect suit

Charm +1
Cool +1
Sharp =0
Tough +2
Weird -1

Mission : one of the other hunters has a crucial role in events to come. You Must prepare them for their role.

Angel wings – Teleportation for fun and profit.
Lay on Hands – Healing good people.
Smite – Hurts bad people.

Flaming Sword ( 3-harm hand fire holy)
9mm ( 2-harm close loud)
Divine Amour (1-armour holy)

El Azule Panterra – the Luchadore – Played by Chris
Look: Man, Hardened Body , Athletic Spandex, Heirloom Mask.

Charm 2
Sharp -1
Tough +1

Signature Move – Contemplation of Justice – a Shirt/throat grab, slam into the ground.
Noble Heroism- Protecting people
Machismo – Be cool take harm

Gear: Heavy chain (3-harm hand area)
Sledgehammer – 3-harm hand messy
Tricked out motorcycle


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